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The Grace Place

A transitional living facility for women who were former drug abusers...

Thank you for believing in the Grace Place, because of your support, we will soon begin serving women in Eastern Kentucky who have completed a drug rehab program, and are ready for assistance in transitioning back to a normal productive life style. In order to be able to help the next person who calls us, we need your support!

We are a not-for-profit charity committed to excellence in transitional living. To learn more about our organization continue browsing our site or give us a call, 606-889-1988.

Our goal is to make the journey better for the next drug abuse survivor. A few of the specific objectives we are implementing to improve the transitional living process are;

  • - assistance with education goals
  • - to assist with parenting classes
  • - to provide quality counseling
  • - help with transportation needs
  • - job placement
  • - provide housing and employment
  • - another vital part of the Grace Place will be diverse work programs at the Grace Place facility which will also provide financial income for the organization.
In summary, our goal is to take each women to a better level of life than they had before the drug abuse began.

On behalf of numerous drug abuse survivors in Eastern Kentucky, thank you, and please donate to this project using the "Donate" button below.

All gifts are tax deductible.

Pastor D.P. Curry,
Rising Son Ministries
114 Rising Son Lane
Prestonsburg, KY 41653
Church: 606-889-1988
Pastor: 606-791-9004